Covid-19 vaccination

The NHS is vaccinating people in Brighton & Hove against coronavirus. Your GP will contact you about getting vaccinated. Please do not contact the NHS to ask for a vaccination.

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NHS information on vaccination

The NHS has lots of information about the coronavirus vaccination, including who can be vaccinated.

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Council information on vaccination

Brighton & Hove City Council has up-to-date information about what’s going on with vaccinations in the city on its website.

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How long you will have to wait for vaccination

The Public Health England website has a page explaining the order people will be vaccinated in. It can give you an idea of how long you might have to wait and why.

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Is the vaccine safe?

Yes, the vaccine is safe. The NHS has a page which explains more about why the vaccine is safe and why it’s so important.

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What Imams and Scholars say about vaccines

The British Board of Scholars & Imams has answers to common questions Muslims have about vaccinations.